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  • Easiest way to keep your memories

    Our children got only one childhood. Sometimes we are too busy to track all milestones. But with Annie Baby Journal all you need is your iPad or iPhone. And we all have phones, don’t we?

  • Capture those magic moments

    Take a picture or make a note whenever the special moment comes. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Start now, before your child is already a grown-up! One day you will be glad that you have installed Annie Baby Journal.

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Installation takes less than 30 seconds. Choose your platform and watch your baby from everywhere you go.


  • Life story

    Save every precious moment of your babies childhood.

  • Time lapse

    Watch your babies grow up in breathtaking time lapse.

  • Milestones

    Choose from different types of milestones.

  • Record anything

    Record the voice or measurements of your children.

  • Family account

    This planned feature will allow parents to synchronize the data with other members and devices within their family.

  • Data export

    Parents will be able to safely store all the data locally on their phone.

  • Cloud Storage

    Safe cloud storage for all recorded data will be available soon.


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